About Jeff Ayres & Associates

Jeff Ayres & Associates have over 50 years’ experience working with both small and large companies in the Aerospace, Engineering, Manufacturing, Construction, Medical, Printing and Direct Marketing Industries. 

We have successfully provided consultancy and support for Business Systems Design and Development, Project/Programme Management, Quality Assurance Management, Total Quality Management and Business Benchmarking and Improvement to a number of quality and business award-winning organisations.

The service we provide includes full business audits, by which a company shows evidence of working to the required system (this is a compulsory element of the ISO / BS systems.) A qualified auditor will assess your management system against the ISO/BS Standard that you are certified to and will request evidence to ensure the system is being used and upheld on a regular basis. We also provide training and support which will help you run more effective management systems and enjoy business benefits including improved quality, greater efficiency, higher customer satisfaction and improved data security.

We provide design implementation of all the management systems that we recommend and put in place in your business as well as additional support for any existing systems that you have in place. As a professional management consultancy, we can also provide you with an appointed management consultant that will help you continuously monitor and develop your strategy to ensure continuous success.

A joint collaboration with an influential industrial college has allowed us to develop a comprehensive business improvement training programme of tools and techniques for a blue chip organisation, which have had significant demonstrable impacts on their bottom line. We have also designed and implemented highly successful strategic programmes for a number of organisations, which have benchmarked and improved overall business performance using the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) Excellence Model.

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