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An ISO 9001 Quality Management System will help your business move forward and increase the performance if your business as a whole and allow you to develop greater opportunities to increase profitability. By continuously monitoring your business and managing quality across all business operations you are able to find the best ways to increase productivity whilst reducing production costs. Our specialists work throughout London and the surrounding areas.

ISO 9001:2015

ISO 9001 is the international standard for a Quality Management System. As with ISO 14001 the Environmental Management Systems, a quality management system can be independently accredited. In 2015 a major revision of ISO 9001 will be published ( ISO 9001:2015 ) which centres on quality and continuous improvement, Leadership within management and the introduction of risk & opportunity management.

ISO 9001 has recently been updated for SME’s to make it more effective and efficient to implement within a small to medium business enterprise. It is recognised that smaller businesses don’t have the resources and have different end goals compared to large corporations so has been modified to be more accommodating for a business.

If your business operates in London then Jeff Ayres & Associates can work with you to successfully implement an ISO 9001 Quality Management Certification.

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