Grow your business with ISO 9001 certification:

For a company to grow, it must provide its customers with a consistent and reliable service or product, retaining existing customers is as important as attracting new ones.

If you are a SME organisation, one of your hurdles may be attracting new business. Potential customers can often be doubtful about putting their contracts in the hands of the smaller organisations. One way to encourage confidence is by achieving ISO 9001 certification with Jeff Ayres Associates. We cover locations across the South East of England including Essex, London, Surrey, Middlesex, Hertfordshire, Kent and Cambridgeshire. With an ISO 9001 certification, your business will have the credentials that give your clients and personnel confidence in your ability to deliver.

  • How will ISO 9001 certification Improve performance?

ISO 9001 certification offers the ideal way to grow confidence among your customers. It demonstrates your capability to deliver on your customer promises. Organisations with ISO 9001 experience improved internal processes. Certification leads to the application of well-defined and documented procedures. Unproductive processes are eliminated and procedures are put in place to deal with problems. Over time, fewer mistakes are made and consistency is significantly improved.

  • How will ISO 9001 certification boost repeat business?

A vital component of ISO 9001 is customer satisfaction. Instead of focusing solely on boosting the bottom line, the standard is also largely focussed on customer feedback analysis. By doing this, the standard helps businesses to improve the quality of customer service. Over time, your organisation will receive fewer complaints and generate greater customer satisfaction. ISO 9001 can grow your business by boosting customer loyalty and generating repeat business and recommendations.

  • How will ISO 9001 certification improve your prospects?

ISO 9001 certification sends out an important message to both existing and potential customers. An independent verification of your internal QMS demonstrates a commitment to quality, customer service and continuous improvement. ISO 9001 is an internationally recognised standard that speaks the language that businesses understand. It gives stakeholders confidence in your business’ ability to deliver.

  • How will ISO 9001 certification Boost your competitive edge?

ISO 9001 certification can often be a stipulation for public contracts. With certification, your business can confidently tender for both public and private contracts. As an internationally recognised standard, accredited certification means organisations meet a high level of quality. The standard allows an organisation to prove its quality credentials, which is why ISO 9001 is requested in so many public and private sector tender situations.

  • How will ISO 9001 certification Increase your market share?

ISO 9001 can help your company to grow, by becoming an integral part of the bigger picture. The ethos behind the quality standard is to help you deliver a better service to your existing client base. The standard is respected as a mark of trust and quality. Tweaking processes and getting rid of unnecessary repetition means your staff can spend more time engaged in tasks that add value to your business.


Using ISO 9001 as a continuous opportunity to review processes is certainly going to be good news for your clients. Satisfied clients not only spend more, they also recommend and refer more. While it was not initially developed to help organisations win new business, increasing your market share has often been a welcome result of certification. If you have any questions after reading this, please contact our friendly team for advice on 07944 685 902 or Email: info@jeffayres.co.uk