A shared specialist scheme can provide large amounts of knowledge and skills for reduced costs.

The Shared Specialist Scheme allows companies to enjoy the benefits of an independent expert dedicated to supporting and progressing particular projects or initiatives, without the conflict from other responsibilities within the company and without the cost of employing a full-time person. This has been a popular cost-effective solution used by many small and medium size organisations to gain both the technical and professional advantages of larger organisations whilst keeping costs down.

What sort of activities are covered by a Shared Specialist Scheme?

This depends on the size of the organisation and the expertise already employed. The aim of the specialist is to provide support where the organisation has identified a gap in their current operations. The work can be wide ranging and include quality, environmental, health & safety, business measurement and improvement. Most importantly, what we offer is tailored to meet your specific business needs.

How does this Shared Specialist Scheme work?

An annual fixed price contract is agreed covering defined area(s) of support and a monthly payment scheme. This is based upon an assessment regarding the amount of time required to be allocated to support a programme of clearly defined and agreed activities.

What sort of costs are involved?

The average contract would be in the region of 25% of the costs of a full-time employee with the appropriate specialist skills, but without the hidden employee costs of NI contribution, holidays, sick pay etc.

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